New Album



A long background in the music scene and an elegant, full of character and very personal voice, define the Jazz singer María Cavaes; experience and qualities these,
highlighted in her first album  entitled “My Self “.

María, wrapped up by sensational musicians, offers a selection of well chosen Standards; adapted with the intention of providing a Contemporary Jazz sound; topical in concept, away from orthodox or conventional treatment and including some of her own work.

 “…This album is conceived in a free and liberated Jazz, in a cross between harmonies, sometimes cheerful and lighthearted, nostalgic and intimate others. Not subject to established standards, risky and very personal insight in all its essence…. “

“…Modern, elegant and elaborated Jazz sound, which in turn, transpires simplicity.  A mixed and compatible fusion of acoustic Pop, fresh Soul, sweet Bossa, and the all important essence of Swing. All these blended together, and, why not, bold and passionately stirred. Poles apart that complement each other, necessarily leading to different destinations, in order to create and imagine new ways of expression.”

Thus, with these words, María defines “My Self”. An album in which, she is surrounded and helped with commitment and involvement by excellent musicians: Toni Mora (guitar and arranger), Juan Galiardo (piano and musical arrangements), David Gonzalez (drums) and Paco Perera (bass) and with whom she comes to achieve this interesting project, notable by its original arrangements, open to integrate other types of sounds, and above all, of an indisputable musical quality.


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